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Classification:Service Items     Time:2017-06-29

Relocation refers to the operation of lifting, loading and unloading, transportation, lifting, shifting and positioning between the two places far apart.

(I) relocation process

1. Prepare before moving

The new measuring room needs air conditioning, power supply, air supply, air filter, throat and so on;

The moving personnel will check the instrument thoroughly, confirm the appearance of the instrument, the current working state, and whether it conforms to the safe disassembly and transportation conditions, and take photos and confirm the damaged instruments and equipment.

Prepare the necessary fixtures, tools, packing supplies, forklifts, etc. for the migration;

2, after moving maintenance

Remove special fixture for fixed moving parts and replace parts;

Complete routine inspection, troubleshooting, disassembly, horizontal adjustment and fixation of the instrument;

After the adjustment of the instrument, the operation test will be resumed to the pre moving state.

(two) removal equipment range:

Three coordinate measuring machine

Image measuring instrument

Surface roughness tester

Roundness measuring instrument

Profile measuring instrument

We will provide you with a full range of solutions to ensure that the budget and within the specified time, smooth migration.

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