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Classification:Service Items     Time:2017-06-29

Equipment maintenance - that is, the care of the equipment in use or after use, in order to prevent equipment deterioration or performance degradation of the cleaning, inspection, lubrication, solid and adjustment and other routine maintenance work.

The significance of equipment maintenance

The equipment in the process of long-term use, in different environments, the mechanical parts wear, the gap increases, with the change, directly affect the balance of the original equipment, equipment stability, reliability, efficiency will be reduced considerably, and even lead to the basic performance of mechanical equipment lost its inherent, not the normal operation.

In order to ensure mechanical equipment often is in good technical condition, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve the mechanical intact rate and utilization rate, reduce mechanical wear, prolong the service life of the machine, reduce the mechanical operation and maintenance costs; mechanical maintenance must implement the "maintenance of both, prevention oriented" principle, so that regular maintenance.

Daily maintenance of equipment

It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of mechanical equipment, make necessary inspection of the equipment, and grasp the equipment in a timely manner, so as to repair the parts before entering the equipment. The daily maintenance of the equipment is to keep the equipment clean, tidy, well lubricated and safe operation, including fastening fasteners in time and adjusting the gap between the moving parts.

We will provide you with a full range of solutions to ensure that within the budget and within the specified time maintenance.

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