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What's the difference between measuring a microscope and measuring a projector?

Classification:Troubleshooting     Time:2017-06-30

(a) measuring microscope

1, with a variety of eyepiece and objective lens, wide field of view, clear imaging;

2, can be left or right pendulum, suitable for measuring spiral parts;

3 、 with reflecting lighting device, it can measure the surface shape of workpiece;

4, with optical positioner and thimble rack and other accessories, wide range of use;

5, high accuracy in less than 3 microns;

6 、 measuring screws / pressing parts and so on angle drilling work;

7. Typical applications:

Measure the shapes of various forming parts, such as templates, templates, turning tools, dies and cams;

Measurement of thread, screw and worm thread in external diameter, large diameter, diameter, pitch, tooth type half angle;

Measure the lead, tooth shape and tooth shape angle of gear hob;

Measure the position of the upper hole of the drilling die or the hole plate, and the symmetry error of the keyway;

(two) measuring projector

1, the accuracy is generally (3+L/100 microns);

2, magnification of 10X.20X.50X.100X;

3, two-dimensional measurement, simple and intuitive operation;

4, the price is reasonable.