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How to choose three coordinate measuring machine?

Classification:Troubleshooting     Time:2017-06-29

First of all, make sure that you buy that type of three coordinate measuring machine. According to the orientation of the measuring head on the measuring machine, there are three basic types: vertical type, portable type and horizontal type.

A vertical coordinate measuring machine is equipped with a probe on the vertical arm. The accuracy of this kind of measuring machine is higher than that of the horizontal type measuring machine, because the bridge structure is relatively stable and the moving parts are less, so that they have better rigidity and stability. The vertical three coordinate measuring machine consists of various sizes, which can measure the body of a pinion to an engine case, or even a commercial aircraft.

A portable measuring machine is simplified which cannot be moved to the workpiece measuring machine and assembly parts measurement, portable measuring machine can be installed on the workpiece or fittings above or even inside, this allows for the measurement of internal space, allowing users to measure in the assembly site, thus saving the mobile, transport and measurement of single workpiece the time.

The horizontal measuring machine installed the measuring head on the horizontal axis. They are generally used to detect large workpieces, such as car bodies, with moderate levels of accuracy.

Secondly the coordinate measuring machine can be chosen according to its application in two ways: manual and automatic. Manual machines are the best choice if you only need to detect workpieces with relatively simple geometric tolerances and tolerances, or to measure workpieces of varying sizes and sizes. Software for manual measuring machines also stores and calls measurement procedures, thus speeding up repeatability measurements. If large quantities of identical workpieces need to be detected, or higher precision is required, a measuring machine directly controlled by a computer is selected. The CNC measuring machine can automatically detect and eliminate the influence of the operator on the measurement results. Program drivers mean high error free detection speed.

Finally choose the right measurement software

The software program also has statistical process analysis and control functions. The application of thin wall measurement simplifies the location and measurement of workpiece including step edge and workpiece connected by nut and bolt. Contour measurement function complete the measuring machine can quickly and accurately determine the complex geometry of the workpiece, no, non straight edge, such as turbine blades, screw compressor rotor, piston, gear, cam and crankshaft.