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What does the two dimension notice in everyday use?

Classification:Troubleshooting     Time:2017-06-30

The two dimension, also called the two dimensional optical image measuring instrument, is one of the precision measuring instruments, which is widely used in industrial production. In order to ensure the accuracy of the two dimensional measurement, in the operation process, we need to pay attention to some matters, so as to ensure good measurement results, and extend the service life of the two dimension.

(1) matters needing attention in daily operation:

1. first open the imager, control box power, and then start scanning software.

2.. Clean up the sundries on the stage of the image camera, then proceed to the zero of the imaging equipment to prevent the hair from being damaged.

3. do not place heavy objects on the turntable...

(two) matters needing attention during scanning:

1. scan the workpiece, avoid light.

2. pay attention to the direction of movement of the probe to prevent the probe from hitting the workpiece during the two dimensional movement.

3. scan the workpiece, please do not touch, otherwise affect the two dimensional scan results.

4. scan the workpiece, the scanner surface can not be too inclined, otherwise, the measurement is not allowed.

5. after the scan, take care to turn off the imager laser.

6. power off, please first close the two dimensional scanning software, and then off the control box.